Reflect and Reset

Happy New Year to you and all of your loved ones! I hope that you feel well rested and had the opportunity to make special memories with family and friends. 2018 is firing up and people generally do a lot of goal setting with the best of intentions and reflecting on the year that was.

Reflection is a powerful tool that allows us to think about how things are going in our lives. We take stock of our successes and celebrate those wins (which is very important). We also reflect on things that perhaps didn’t go so well. Maybe we started out 2017 with a passion for getting in shape and that didnt happen. Perhaps we set a goal to become more mindful and got lost along the way of digital distractions, reading about what thousands of people had for lunch or where they “checked in”. Maybe, we just felt beat down and 2017 was just a really tough year.

The great news is that 2017 is in the past and it’s time to look ahead. It’s time to reset and recommit to what you want from life in 2018.

If you’re an educator, perhaps your goal is to become reinvigorated in teaching your students. If you’re a healthcare professional, maybe you want to find that passion for helping patients. Perhaps you want to learn more about your field. Maybe, you just want to see what going the extra mile looks like to you this year. Whatever your vocation or situation is, there’s an awesome opportunity for you in 2018.

So, what are you going to commit to? For me, I am committing to my health, family and business. I have an awesome friend, Timothy who years ago, shared these words: “Be excellent in all things”.

To me, this means placing effort into my health and doing specific activities that give me the benefits of a healthy mind, body and spirit. My family relationships deserve my best energy; they’re the people who are always in my corner. Amoveo Training is an extension of who I am, passionate about delivering results for patient safety and quality improvement. I commit to developing and maintaining important relationships with likeminded people that help increase patient and learner safety and create a safer systems.

The time is here. It’s time to reset and commit. My wish for you; to echo my friend’s words, is to be excellent in all things. You just need to choose what you want to be excellent in.

Be Awesome,



About the Author:

Matthew Jubelius wants to change the future of education and training. He has championed the design, implementation, and evaluation of simulation-based education and training programs, including quality improvement measures for post-secondary institutions, private industry, and the federal government. Matthew can be reached through

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