As I reflect well over the past decade as a registered nurse, simulationist, educator, and administrator, I have realized that my own development would not be possible without the guidance of mentors. I am thankful for those who have taught, inspired me and helped me grow.

I’m reminded of one of my early mentors, Norrie Fuller who said: “Everything is easy when you know it”. These words inspired me to learn more; to ask even more questions and most importantly, develop a solid work ethic.

Mentors enter (and exit) our lives and perhaps we don’t give them the proper credit that they deserve. These people coach us to learn; to deal with, and avoid pitfalls that they may have endured when they were first learning. Through their experiences, mentors have walked the path and laid foundations well before us. Dear mentors, thank you for establishing sound practices and tradition. The knowledge of your time has helped many generations evolve and grow.

As I look at the debriefing aspects of simulation, this is part of a mentoring process. Learners reflect on their own performance and coupled with the guidance of instructors, are able to avoid future pitfalls and potentially compromising situations as future practitioners. The modeling process allows corrective behaviors to be addressed. Is learning finished when the debriefing session is over? No. The words and teachings of instructors and mentors echo for days in the receptive individual. To share meaningful and teachable moments can impact trainees and inspire people over the course of a lifetime.

I believe in mentorship and still have mentors to this day. I believe that there are amazing people who want to be a mentor. If you’re curious or don’t know where to start, step forward and ask about how to get involved in your community.

Remember the person who mentored and helped you learn about your craft? Pick up the phone or send them an email and thank them for showing you the way. I’m sure that they would be extremely happy to hear from you.

Stay Amazing,


About the Author: Matthew Jubelius wants to change the future of people development, education, and training. He has championed the design, implementation, and evaluation of simulation-based education and training programs, including quality improvement measures for post-secondary institutions, private industry, and the federal government. Matthew can be reached through

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