Why We Exist: Amoveo Training

When I meet people at networking events and in the community, they ask about Amoveo Training, what it is, what we do, what are the services that we offer and so on. I always end up mentioning the reason why we exist and people reply “Wow, I never thought about that.”

It can be a challenging question when you ask someone about their purpose or why they exist. There are so many ways to think about and reply to this. People exist for many reasons; to explore life, make money, have a family, travel the world, be an astronaut, to be the best in business and the list goes on and on.

One of my mentors once shared with me “Your passion will take you anywhere that you want to go” and I didn’t quite understand what he meant at the time. When it came time to define why Amoveo Training exists, it became clear. For me to exist, means passion and purpose and I don’t believe that you can turn those characteristics off like a simple switch, nor would I ever want to.

I have maintained a passion for simulation-based education and training for about a decade and have never wavered on the importance that it has in training amazing people to deliver people-centred care and contribute to building safe communities. My passion for helping educate, train people and design intelligent systems doesn’t go away. I’ve heard and experienced on numerous occasions how systems failed and people were injured or worse. We hear on the news “If only we were prepared to deal with this…” which can be very saddening and I always think “What if we can create more intelligent systems? What does that mean to people? What does building safer workplaces and communities look like?”

My passion to help people be safe at work so that we all can go home to our families at the end of the day is close to my heart, as I’m sure it is with you as well.

My passion to contribute to communities that want to evolve gives me a rewarding life and a sense of purpose. I believe that we can create more effective education models and experiences that prepare learners to succeed. I believe that we can truly engage and make an impact on learners and change the face of delivering high-quality education. Through this, we can increase patient safety. We can create safer workplaces. We can design more effective systems.

I firmly believe that we can shift the model of employee engagement and retention through meaningful training experiences. Why? Because we need to. People learn from experiences and retain their training. Pencil-and-paper training can only do so much and it’s time to evolve the way we look at education and people development.

What are some of the outcomes? For people, feeling that their employer cares about staff development can be a huge motivator. Happier people means better work and positives work cultures. We spend so much of our lives working, we might as well be happy and safe. Business outcomes include lower injuries, improved employee morale, more effective systems, decreased employee turnover, etc.

On the product development side, I felt an intense need to create skin safe and realistic educational products after witnessing many dangerous alternatives that are out there being used in the name of saving a few dollars. Personally, it was very unsettling to see these quick-fix and unsafe products. We needed to create legitimate solutions that were safe for people to use. Our passion and purpose to design products that are safe, realistic and meet specific needs are the drivers behind every creation that we make. We collaborate on product design with people who are looking to help their teams perform at the next level.

The truth is, passion and purpose are engrained into who Amoveo Training is and why we exist. I’m very thankful that we have been able to make a positive impact on communities. To our clients, thank you for the opportunity to serve you. If why we exist resonates with you, reach out and let’s continue the conversation.

This week, reflect and think about your why. You might discover a renewed sense of passion and purpose.

Stay Amazing,


About the Author: Matthew Jubelius wants to change the future of people development, education and training. He has championed the design, implementation and evaluation of simulation-based education and training programs, including quality improvement measures for post-secondary institutions, private industry and the federal government. Matthew can be reached through www.amoveotraining.ca


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