Building on Strengths

People are awesome! Think about it. I really believe that individuals and teams are capable of accomplishing great things. Flight, capturing and storing electricity, the creation of the internet, advances in modern medicine… Yes, people can do great things.

We often hear about these successes from a distance through media and can list numerous famous individuals because we see their name in the highlights. Have you ever wondered what made them successful and strong? Although I will never know the true answer, this causes me to reflect on several questions a little closer to home: What are my strengths? What makes me successful? What am I most proud of?

There are many things that contribute to our strengths and we all have varying degrees. Some people are physically gifted with an abundance of muscle mass or athletic talent, some have outstanding intellect, while others carry enough empathy to completely understand and calm one’s soul. Whatever our strengths are, how much time do we devote to building on them?

There are different theories of how long it takes to become excellent or master a subject; for example, Malcolm Gladwell and the 10,000 hours concept. However, what about the personality traits that make us amazing, is there a time requirement? Does the learning stop after 10,000 hours?

I believe that we continually evolve as we grow from our experiences. One of my strengths is that I love to educate and inspire others. Another is that I’m very passionate about creating safer communities and know that we can do more to train effective healthcare and safety personnel. I truly believe that we can make a difference. For me, there is no time requirement. This is me, every single day and I know that I’m not alone. My passion doesn’t have an off switch.

We all have the capacity for greatness. We’re also given 24 hours in a day and we know that it takes time to work on our strengths. This week, think about what you’re amazing at. What are your strengths and passions? How will you build on them?

Have a great week,


About the Author: Matthew Jubelius is a subject matter expert in healthcare simulation. He is a consultant, educator and wants to change the future of people development, education, and training. He has championed the design, implementation, and evaluation of simulation-based education and training programs, including quality improvement measures for post-secondary institutions, private industry, and the federal government.

Matthew can be reached through for simulation consulting, program development, employee training and speaking engagements.

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