Nothing like a wake-up such as a global pandemic. There are a lot of feelings out there right now ranging from uncertainty, fear, anger and so on.

First, it’s okay and perfectly normal to have these different and fluctuating emotions. We are all processing this unprecedented time in history in different ways. Accept that it’s okay to feel a little weird about this.

As COVID-19 unfolds, it is a clear reminder that there are things that we can and cannot control. So, what can we control as we adapt and try to make it through the day?

1. Getting reliable and accurate information

There’s a lot of information and unfortunately, misinformation out there that can leave us feeling conflicted. It’s pretty easy for misinformation to go viral and spread. “Todd’s Info War Room” (I made that up as an example) is not necessarily the most reliable source just because it has a lot of social media views. Trustworthy sources such as the Center for Disease Control, Health Canada, Government websites, and Health Regions contain vetted and professional information.

2. Doing our part to slow and stop the disease progression

I’m not going into the exponential mathematics and complexities of disease transmission, however, let’s keep it simple:

Wash your hands. Cover your cough or sneeze in your sleeve. Keep some social distance for a bit. If you’re sick, stay away from people for at least 14 days.

3. Our Future Outlook

Our mental wellness is very important. Take a walk, be social through technology, and take care of yourself and your loved ones. Practice yoga, pray, and do whatever gives you internal strength.

Life feels different right now, but we’ll make it through this. It may feel like a huge inconvenience from our normal lives, but our actions can make a difference.

If there’s anything that you’re doing to thrive, feel free to share it in the comments.

Stay Strong,


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