Hi there, thanks for stopping by. Welcome to the blog for Amoveo Training, we are very excited to have you. This is the place where we discuss simulation and immersive training, employee development, systems improvement and helping people be great at work.

Simulation and immersive training has picked up momentum in the healthcare field since the 1990s. Nowadays, we hear about simulation or SIM labs popping up across North America for educating doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. Why? Patient safety.

Patient safety should be at the forefront of every practitioner, administrator and human being that utilizes the healthcare system. When people are sick, they depend on people and systems to be at their best. The world is full of awesome people that want to help others, but they need practice. Enter the world of simulation, where technology and human performance meet.

A simulation is the replication of a system and can be physical (such as a hospital room or a patient simulator AKA robot or manikin), emotional (amplifying specific emotions), or virtual (a computer software platform). Let me be clear that when we use the term, simulation; it is not fake, rather the replication of a system. Technology and learning plays a huge part in designing a realistic simulated experience.

What I love about simulation is the human element. The designed experience allows the doctor, nurse, paramedic to function as an individual or team to interact in real-time. As someone who has designed simulation programs, trained practitioners and delivered thousands of immersive experiences, the human element still fascinates me. Why? Patient safety and quality improvement. I love helping people be better at what they do. I want to contribute to a safer healthcare and education system.

In future blogs, I’ll bring up more topics about things that matter to patient safety and quality improvement from different industries.

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